“Saving Face”


    That healthy looking tan on the body, a good dose of Vitamin D, melting your cares away with a day in the sun.  The sun has many therapeutic properties but at the same time can cause damage to the skin.   Ultraviolet rays cause wrinkles and are associated with skin cancer.  How do we reap the benefits of the sun and minimize the harmful effects?

     The best defense against the sun’s rays are sun blocks.  When buying a sun block be sure that it has full protection against both Ultraviolet A and B. 

Apply liberally and often to the face.  This will help prevent the signs of premature aging.  Waiting longer to reapply to the body will facilitate the metabolism of Vitamin D and allow controlled tanning.

     Sun damage results from the formation of free radicals in the skin.  Although studies have failed to show significant benefit from the ingestion of antioxidants, application of the antioxidants Vitamin C and E on the skin has been shown to reduce free radicals and decrease the incidence of skin cancer. 

     In addition to antioxidants which reverse sun damage on a cellular level, superficial changes to the skin due to harmful rays and excessive sweating can be minimized with a targeted skin care regimen.  Facials (best performed bimonthly) will unclog pores and calm the skin.  Microdermabrasion and glycolic acid treatments will minimize fine wrinkles, tighten pores and smooth out skin color, tone and texture.

     On a visit to our office we will evaluate you skin care needs and make recommendations about skin care products from several lines (including Skin Ceuticals, Murad, and Repechage).  Have a facial with massage, a collagen mask or other treatment in our relaxing spa room.  Its even better than melting your cares away with a day in the sun.

     Larisa Kleiner, owner and operator of Appearance Plus is a licensed Cosmetologist and Skin Care Specialist, a graduate of the European Academy of Cosmetology and the Capri Institute.

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